About Us

OOO Poseidon -2000 is a young company, but it establish the high-quality products and make the long term trust relation ship with customers. Poseidon-2000 LLC has employs which are the qualified specialists with extensive experience in the fishing industry. They are constantly engaged in expanding the range of fish products, studying consumer demand outside the Kaliningrad region. We have own laboratory for make expertise of quality of our finish productions.

We have  EU number, we preparing all necessary certificate for export in EU country and USA. Our ship has catch certificate. Poseidon 2000 has Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certificate which guarantee high quality of our production.                                                                           We build new plant in Kaliningrad Region on 15 mt per day in 2018 and our capacity will be 20 mt per day.
  We have handy made land production of fishfillet production ( single frozen). We make on this plant PBI skin on fillet, PBI skinless, PBO skinless fillet.
We froze fishfillet like IQF and can make glazing in accordance to order.
We can make any box ( from 3 to 400 killo). But our standart is 5 kg carton box. Can make palletbox.